Brander Urstoff is a storied German beer from 1688. When they came to China it was my job to establish and promote their brand here: first as the creative director who won their pitch, later as the in-house marketing director.

Since then, Brander Urstoff has grown massively: we have made more than 3,600 hectoliters of beer. We won a prestigious DLG medal for quality, which no other beer brewed in China has ever managed to achieve. We built a loyal following among Chinese beer lovers, who order our beer in retail locations and on e-commerce platforms from all over China. And we’re just getting started.

Being a startup with tight budgets means we often had to be quick, nimble and willing to be innovative to get ourselves noticed among beer lovers. One particularly successful idea were our customized cans. To this day we are the only beer brewer in China who can make even small batches of these individualized cans. They have become a great introduction of our quality beer to new friends.

During my time with Brander Urstoff I established the marketing and events team, lead marketing planning, development of promotional items, designed our corporate identity, website, social media platforms and promotions, deceloped and produced trade fair and event booths, evangelized in countless presentations and learned a million little things about running a business that you would never know if you had only worked in advertising agencies all your life.

We’ve had glorious days and pretty rough ones. Some things worked out just as planned and on other days we came home with amazing stories. But not a single day has been boring and all in all I’m proud to say that getting involved with this project has been the second best decision of my life thus far.