You don’t need to go to FashionWeek to realize how important Instagram and its Chinese equivalents have become to modern beauty-conscious consumers: fashion, beauty and lifestyle consistently rank among the most popular topics everywhere and deeply engaged conversations are happening day and night. We created the @lovingrubber accounts to introduce the Dr. Jart+ line of rubber mask skincare products to this hungry and engaged audience.

The @lovingrubber account goes far beyond the usual brand communications. We created four unique characters and an intriguing storyline for our audience to follow along that is reminiscent of the content posted by the most popular influencers.

Our characters, four rubber mask-wearing Aliens on a vacation from Planet Dermask, are on a mission to find out about all things beauty around China. They learn to make beautiful flower arrangements, dive into the latest fashion, get fitted traditional dresses and post the kind of content our target audience is passionate about.

All content is completely unique, having been exclusively shot for the @lovingrubber account by Dr.Jart+. The content is created in a consistent style to introduce a youthful and knowledgable brand that invites consumers to engage on an equal level instead of talking down to them. All captions are written from a first-person perspective, with complex arches like falling in love with a popular KOL prominently written into the script to reward fascinated users and keep engagement high.

Within just one month of the @lovingrubber accounts going live they gained more than 17,000 followers on Instagram and earned over 42 million total impressions on the Chinese Internet.