Do The Right Thing

Background – 10 Sec. All in One Lotion

Do The Right Thing (DTRT) 10 Sec is an all-in-one skincare lotion aimed at young Chinese men. They make up an increasing share of the US$33 billion Chinese skincare market but are dramatically underserved. This lotion helps them all look their best. From the fat to the thin, short or tall, athletic or handicapped.

Idea – How 10 Sec Makes You Feel

We embraced the strangeness of the Internet and showed what men feel like in the moments after using 10 Sec. – like the King of the World, like a Ballerina or a Human Wrecking Ball. They all express the amusing, strange and imaginative sensations 10 Sec creates.

Best Use of Media – 10 Sec Video Sharing

WeChat Moments allow only 10 seconds of video sharing and our lotion takes exactly 10 seconds to apply. So it was natural to make 10 second films that synced perfectly with the brand and used this new media format to its fullest potential.


The 30+ films we created generated more than 6 million views. It’s an addictive experience. Each video plays after another, and another as if they never stop.

$120,000 Paid Media
1,600,000 Paid Impressions
6,000,000+ Views