The Internet is very slow in many parts of China.
Here is a way to improve this situation.

It’s a free service from the makers of the fastest browser on the internet. It doesn’t require any new infrastructure to be built.
All you need is Google Chrome.

And it’s free.

Our program enables Google Chrome to use two data connections instead of just one.

That means your cell phone can deliver web sites at the same time as your landline Internet connection is being used.

The aim is to make your web surfing experience faster so users in China no longer have to suffer from slow connections.


— How exactly does this work?
Your computer can connect to the Internet through a cable or the antenna. But it can only use one at any given time. Twin Connect helps your computer request data from the Internet through two connections at the same time.

This is called “load balancing.” Twin Connect splits up your requests for web sites and smartly uses each line to its fullest potential.

– Is that really possible?
It’s done every day by millions of routers already. Every big office has routers because when you have hundreds of employees you often need more than connection to the web. It’s just that nobody has done this on such a small level geared at individuals with just one computer.
That’s not where the money is.

— Why are you doing this?
Because fast internet speeds are crucial for everything from online learning to e-commerce to participation in society. Slow internet is the complaint I keep hearing about most often in China — way ahead of censorship.

— Why free?
The people I want to help are living in rural areas and are often really poor. They run tiny businesses and are trying to keep up online. They don’t have credit cards and they don’t have a lot of funds to begin with.
Charging even a modest amount would exclude the people who need this most to lift themselves out of poverty.