Ten years in America, twenty-something in Europe and five in China.
I’ve probably used up eight out of my nine lives. Swore one day I
wouldn’t die on a couch and stuck to it.

My full name is Christian Petersen-Clausen.
That’s long. “Chris” is easier to remember.

I’m extremely technical when it comes to photography and film.
Say hi if you wanna nerd out.

A few fine places I have been associated with:

Brander Urstoff
Marketing Director / Creative Director

Serviceplan Shanghai, China
Freelance Creative Director

Blue Hive Shanghai, China
Creative Director

BBH Shanghai, China
Associate Creative Director

deepblue networks Hamburg, Germany
Senior Art Director

Jung von Matt Hamburg, Germany
Senior Art Director

Energy BBDO Chicago, IL
Art Director

Publicis New York City, NY
Art Director

Ground Zero Advertising Los Angeles, CA
Intern, Freelance Art Director