The car buying experience in China is terrible.

People get treated better buying an $800 cell phone than an $80k luxury vehicle.

We convinced Lincoln to behave like a fine luxury hotel, not another car maker. While everyone else was about bling and brawn we built a brand around personally crafted experiences.

In doing so we changed the definition of automobile luxury in China and pulled off one of the most successful car brand launches in the history of the country.

Besides TVC, online films and print ads we also took great care in ensuring these service-oriented values were reflected in an outstanding customer experience. We guided Lincoln in the design of their new dealerships and shaped the CI to reflect their attitude to service.

At the same time we introduced the brand to China we also launched two brand-new models. This, too turned into a resounding success: Today, two of the most successful Lincoln dealerships worldwide are in China and the market is poised to overtake the US in sales.

Please get in touch if you would like to see some of the many more executions that are part of this campaign.