This is where I collect the various bits and pieces of work that don’t merit a page of their own but still have a place in my heart.

Let’s start off with a little project for Fendi. We suggested this instead of yet another boring microsite. That it would grab the attention of the biggest Chinese social media stars was mere coincidence. Fendi, of course, didn’t mind.

For a Victorinox pitch we proposed turning the sleepy little knifemaker from Switzerland into a full-fledged adventure brand centered around what we called “Everyday Adventures.” I’m still wickedly proud of that pitch deck. We won that pitch but the assignment changed.

“Wahnsinn” is the german word for insanity. With a name like that how can you not come up with something utterly nuts to promote this Hamburg-based sound studio? Like trying to stump them with impossible to score scripts? But no matter what we proposed they always came back with insane solutions. And so we turned our failure into their ad campaign.

I’ve done a lot of car work while in advertising and Sixt definitely was one of my favorite clients. Sixt is notorious in Germany for topical, funny ads that appear often within a day of an event. While working at Jung von Matt in Hamburg I wrote what must have been a bazillion of these pieces. The first one ran during the world financial crisis in the FT.

A Valentines Day message from Sixt

A bit of fun during the World Cup.

The copy reads “Not even Mr. Boateng can kick this one hard enough to make it break down.”

(Mr. Boateng was an especially brutal soccer player who outraged Germany with his rough playing style.)

Also during the world cup. They didn’t like this one in England.